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Excuse me what is the protocol for having a crush on your barista and still functioning around him without making him feel uncomfortable in his work environment where he is unable to leave? I am stuck.


god bless sdcc


Episode 64, Part 1:  Jane Fairfax

It seems as though people are really misunderstanding Jane and her side of the story.  I feel sorry for her, because her frustration at the situation is well-founded, and people are calling her a “bitch” for “yelling at her boss”.

How else could she get through to Emma?  Jane is just a private person, and though Emma’s tried to get information out of her (what’s Frank Churchill like?  Who gave you the computer and flowers?  Are you seeing someone?), she doesn’t really make the attempt to know Jane and spend time with Jane. Most of Emma’s information of Jane, in book and in EA universe, comes from Maddy.  So if I were Jane, I would have reacted the same way.

And I’m sure, POSITIVE, even, that Frank got all sorts of hell from her. Got everything she gave to Emma and then some.  I wish we could have seen that, so that we know to what lengths Frank will go to make amends.


But can we stop saying that either Emma or Jane was completely worn or completely right and step back and say “okay they both handled some things the wrong way and that’s okay because at the end of the day they are complex characters with strengths and weaknesses” and just appreciate the story that is being told instead of choosing sides?

please don’t go

                 Wait— Where are you going?
                  I’m leaving.
                 When are you coming back?



A Knighthouse playlist {listen}


Part I. 
Time won’t fly
It’s like I’m paralyzed by it 

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After the most recent Emma Approved I’ve got to say in terms of a male lead who makes me swoon, Alex Knightly has significantly more points than William Darcy. They’re both amazing but I just. The way he said “Badly done, Emma.” 



Favorite snacks of the great writers!


i’m not even sure anymore whether I like high school musical ironically or I genuinely think it’s a cinematic masterpiece