I forgot to do one of these yesterday. So sue me. 

I want to make something clear: I love to hate Caroline Lee. She’s my least favorite character because she makes herself my least favorite character; she’s so subtle, and yet so conniving, at least as far as I can tell - and I’m not sure about her. 

There are a lot of theories going around about Caroline, or at least there are that I’ve noticed, and the one thing is there are more people who aren’t sure about her than anyone else. (Read: George Wickham.) Everyone knows Wickham is up to no good; or, at least, people are a lot more sure. His on-camera actions, especially with Lydia, make me extremely uncomfortable, because he seems like he’s playing for attention. 

I simply don’t have time for a person like that, and I try not to have too many feelings about George one way or another, partially because I’ve always detested George in the books and other adaptations. Caroline Bingley never really piqued my interest before, but I’m intrigued by how strongly I’m drawn to dislike her and how, if you count it on the series here instead of the original P&P, how very little I have to go on in terms of not liking her. Yes, she seems self-centered, and yes, I’m sure she’s got some stuff going on that messes with her outlook on life, but I genuinely enjoy how much I dislike Caroline, and the challenge of trying to ask myself, “Why do you dislike her? If you ignore your bias, why do you dislike her?” 

I’m still not sure I can justify it based solely on the LBD videos. 

I’m not sure if this is a cop-out answer or not. Yeah, I can’t stand George, but Caroline fascinates me more in my reasons for dislike. 

Does this make any sense? 

Posting it anyway. 

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